Sushi Food Safety Seminar


The course is oriented to professionals who want to acquire the necessary knowledge to work safely and legally in restaurants where sushi and raw fish are served.

Learn about the main risks involved in serving raw fish and how to avoid them. How to treat rice safely. Fish preservation techniques. Rice handling and pH measurement. Regulations and records.

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Gastronomy Laboratory Faculty of Tourism


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Work safely with sushi, sashimi and those cases in which you use raw fish in your preparations. The seminar will help you to know, identify and manage food safety risks, both in fish, vegetables, rice and handling, as well as to correctly keep records for Health.

Date - Tuesday, May 2nd from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Place - Gastronomy Laboratory of the Faculty of Tourism 

The course includes:

  • Theoretical Material
  • Record Template
  • Risk training certificate


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