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Behind every dish, there is a dedicated and passionate team for Japanese cuisine. Where my colleagues are a fundamental pillar to carry out the work we do around the world. Hours and hours of searching, discovering and learning more about this incredible world led me to leave my old job as a computer scientist for my great love for Japanese cuisine. I have had the good fortune to be taught by Japanese sushi masters Masayoshi Kazato and Hirotoshi Ogawa. Learning that has taken me around the world to teach everything I have learned from them. I have instructed more than 3000 professionals, given more than 100 lectures and visited many countries to spread the word about this magnificent discipline. The name KABANOKI, comes from the technique I presented at the 2016 World Sushi Championship held in Tokyo, where I was a finalist with special mention from the jury. Fusing my Swedish origins with the essence of Japan.

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